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Hazardous Waste Collection Schedule

Host Students From Spain this Summer


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The Indian Ponds Association Update

Driveway seal coat 15% discount available
Look for new passwords for the website in your email and find tennis court combo on the members only page

ILEOA Events:

ILEOA Fitness Club
ILEOA Book Club
ILEOA Block Party


Annual Meeting
December 7, 10AM
Marstons Mills Library
Help Your Community and Participate
Meet the New Board Members
Read the Meeting Minutes


For the privacy of our association and its members, some of the information is posted in a secure password protected area accessible via a login and password to protect the privacy of the association and its members. To obtain login information complete an email form on the Contact Us page, or by sending and email to:

We welcome and encourage you to share your thoughts on how we might improve this website. Content for the site is also welcome.

Please send your recommendations to:

Participate in the neighborhood -- join a committee



Kayak Rack Update
Thanks for the beautiful neighborhood landscaping
Clarke Buchanan and
Ken Baba & Son Landscaping
Dog Walkers

Help keep the neighborhood clean and pick up after your dog.

The residents of 52 Middle Pond Path respectfully request that dogs are not to be curbed on their property. It makes yard work chores of weeding and clearing extremely disagreeable. If dogs visit, their owners and walkers should pick up after them.
Please, itís only fair.

Thank you in advance.

Tina & Patrick Sekerak

Please drive slowly!
There are lots of people walking, kids on bikes, etc.
Be careful when driving through the neighborhood


Content Needed
Send any news, events, photos or other content pertinent to the ILEOA and the neighborhood to:


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