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Please drive slowly

There are lots of people walking, kids on bikes, etc.
Be careful when driving through the neighborhood

Keep your speed no greater than 25 mph

Block Party
Saturday, September 8

Report Potholes to the Town

If you have any potholes near your property, please report it to the Barnstable Department of Public Works on their website.
Click Here To Report


Content Needed
Send any news, events, photos or other content pertinent to the ILEOA and the neighborhood to:

Help Out in Your Neighborhood

Participate in keeping our neighborhood a great place to live.
Join a committee, become a board member, and contribute your time.
Check out the Committees page.
We could use the help.

Two loose docks on Middle Pond

IPA has been informed of two loose dock(s) that have washed up at the Whistleberry side of Middle Pond. Emory Anderson has asked me to see if I could inform anyone in ILEOA who lives on the water at Middle that their dock(s) may have floated away



Thanks for the beautiful neighborhood landscaping
Clarke Buchanan and
Ken Baba and Son Landscaping

Dog Walkers

Help keep the neighborhood clean and pick up after your dog.

The residents of 52 Middle Pond Path respectfully request that dogs are not to be curbed on their property. It makes yard work chores of weeding and clearing extremely disagreeable. If dogs visit, their owners and walkers should pick up after them.
Please, its only fair.


Indian Lakes Estates Owners Association
Summer 2017 Newsletter

Summer is a upon us and as the good weather arrives I thought it would be a good to update everyone on activities in the neighborhood.

The tennis courts are open and operational. There are a few cracks along the white lines, but they dont seem to impact play on the courts. Those cracks will be addressed in the Fall. The combination to the courts is 2000.

Enhancements and additions continue at the Middle Pond area:
Phyllis White continues to plant more flowers and grasses in the rock garden. Any donations of plants will be welcome.Contact Clarke or Phyllis.
The bocce court and horseshoe pit at the Middle Pond area are fully operational.Feel free to use them.
Planning on placing a lock box to store a community set of Bocce balls and horseshoes.It will have a combination lock for paid members to access the equipment inside.
Clarke Buchanan will have Ken Babas crew planting more grass seed in the horseshoe area and patching the path on the west side in the Fall.
Spring clean-up and will include some tree trimming of dead wood soon.
A grill and 4 benches that convert into picnic tables will be located near the Bocce court.
The Kayak rack has been adjusted and additional space for 2 more small kayaks may be added. It is ok to return kayaks and canoes to the rack. If you store a kayak there, please put your name on the kayak so it can be identified. Also, be reminded that if you do not use your kayak or canoe on a somewhat regular basis, please store it at home and leave the space for people who do use their kayak often.

Kevin Kavanagh hasconvinced the town to fix the drainage issues on Mistic Drive and the work is being done now.

We are in the process of putting together the plan for the block party to be held the weekend after Labor Day on Saturday, September 9 with a rain date of September 10. The committee that organizes this event will be meeting soonand could use some additional help.Please contact Nancy Wong, if youre interested in helping out.

Please try to limit your speed to 25 mph and slow down even more when you see someone walking. Now that the weather has improved,there are many of our neighbors walking in the neighborhood. Drive slowly through the neighborhood and be wary of walkers and joggers. The speed limit in the neighborhood is 30 mph, but that can still be too fast to react to people in the street.


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